Channa Astrology news presents facts from the experience of the Vedic, Chinese and Tibetan spiritual traditions of astrology. They have been utilised for thousands of years and can be used in practical ways and help to create auspicious circumstances by understanding how to live harmoniously. Living in harmony or being in tune with our environment is the key to making body, speech and mind lighter. Being lighter will strengthen compassion and wisdom naturally.
This time we would like to introduce a
Feng Shui method that might help you to navigate your path easier and happier.
Each person has a KUA NUMBER which determines 4 good directions (success, health, love, personal growth) and 4 bad directions. For example, if your health is weak, sleeping with your head in the direction of health will support and restore your elements.

1. Calculate* your personal Kua number
2. and find our the corresponding directions and meaning here

*there are KUA calculator applications available for iphone & android
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