All that is required for a reading is your date / time / place of birth and a brief conversation with me. Readings may take place in a private consultation, over the phone, via skype or email (as mp3 audio file) and you will be provided with the recording on CD and a copy of your chart.

 There are various types of astrology available for different needs and life situations:


·        full natal chart

describes all major tendencies and the inherent characteristics of a person

*by appointment only—full charts require a preparation time of up to 8 hours. Incl. a 1.5 hour session /mp3 recording.

AUD $180




·        follow up consultation   1 hour

                        $ 100


·        Baby charts (until age 3)

·        Kids (until age 16)


$ 100

$ 140


·        prognostic charts that relate to any period of time in the future, e.g. 1 year prognosis

$ 80


·        specific medical readings in a strictly medical context can determine the root cause of an illness, its duration, and favourable methods of treatment.

Often people in the West are not aware that Astrology can be utilized as a very accurate, non-invasive diagnostic tool in finding individual predispositions to disease; when we fall ill how that particular illness affects us; and how we can best influence it by choosing the right treatment, time and place.



·        relationship analysis shows the degree of compatibility between partners


$ 80


·        elective astrology pinpoints the best time to take important steps, e.g. weddings, surgery, career changes, opening a business, moving house, travel, fertility etc



Gift Vouchers are available for all services

Please, note: All chart interpretations are personal and based on my Astrological training and experience. Any advice given is specific and tailored to individual needs. Computer software is exclusively used to produce ephemeris and cast charts. The prescription of antidotes (that help to influence difficulties once a problematic pattern has arisen)  is  included  with all services

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